Digital Marketing – a major job driver in India

Digital marketing is going to create 4 lakh jobs per year:

Digital marketing. Well, this term has become quite famous in this internet age. The internet has become a constant companion in the present times. There is a string of advertisements always in the side when one accesses any website it always pops out at the side. It looks quite attractive andprompts the user to click on it thereby leading them to their website. Digital marketing can be termed as a form of advertising the products available in the market using the internet rather than the traditional way of using television and radio.


There are different types of digital marketing like:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Mobile marketing and
  3. Marketing automation

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The possibility of digital marketing in the recent years:

Digital marketing has become a booming industry in the recent years. In the recent days, the age of theinternet has spread everywhere including towns where there still is a shortage of basic utilities and people have become one with their mobiles, so the age of digital marketing has arisen. Through digital marketing, one is able to access a wide range of customers. As it is very inviting to see swirls of color and images dancing and merging,the customer gets attracted to it which ultimately leads to the customer to checkout the advertisement which may also lead to the sales of the product. There are quite a lot of startups in the recent days which has paved way for digitalmarketingas it is economical and has a far outreach than compared to traditional methods of advertising because people are able to stay without basic utilities but not the internet.


Job opportunities in digital marketing:

It is safe to say that digital marketing has created a boom of job opportunities. A Recent survey says that thereis 4 lakh job opportunities created by digital marketing in 2017. There are a lot of openings in this field as almost all business having started having an online persona and a there is demand for good digital marketers for the smooth going of operations. A digital marketer has the same function that a usual sales marketing person would perform but an in the digital world they have to be more creative than a conventional one. So, it is imperative that one takes advantage of this boom and enjoy a rewarding opportunity in digital marketing.

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