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A company’s technology service provider should support its strategize and visions. Fristine Infotech first focuses on the strategic needs of the client’s business model and then decides the capabilities needed to extend life-long support. We help an organization to address technology-related decisions and decide their operation models. It must be agile, secure, flexible, cost-effective and supporting of their long-term goals. Our team is well-versed with the popular and emerging platforms.










On an average, every day over one million articles and two million comments are published on WordPress. And more than 60% of internet bloggers use it as their publishing platform. It is user friendly, flexible, agile, and secure. So, if you are not on WordPress, then contact Fristine Infotech.


The Most Popular Framework

Do you know WordPress was just a simple blog that had its humble beginnings in 2003 and now it is a most favored platform for promoting a person, business or just about anything you can think of The Content Management System of WordPress is so simple that even a non-techie can manipulate its
coding and tweak it according to their needs. What’s more? You get over 1.5 billion customizations in WordPress. Need we say more? Contact us today for your WordPress website needs.


Fristine Infotech is specialized in catering to all your HTML and CSS requirements. We convert and create your designs and websites into 100% hand-coded, pixel perfect, validated, and cross browser compatible products. We have extensive experience to meet dynamic requests of an organization.


Unlimited Styles

Your website is a testament to the kind of service or product offered by you to your customer. To make your website to stand out in the crowd by using the core technologies of HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used. The HTML and CSS when partnered together create a website that is smart, intuitive and well-engineered. Contact us at Fristine Infotech for creating a spectacular site.



Javascript is what we utilize to build robust and scalable applications. This next level technology might not be easy for you to decode, but our developers breath JS. We believe in a test-driven development and help you iterate as many times, as you wish. Our visions are aligned with yours and we help you solve any problems, in the way.


The Most Popular language

Interaction brings more connections. This rule also works for websites; you need an interactive website that gives your customer the ease of access. Versatile programming of Javascript can achieve this effect effortlessly. The JavaScript, when coupled with HTML, provides a seamless experience for your clients. You can also create your own games or animated graphics, apps and so much more. In short, JavaScript opens up a world of functionality with minimum effort. Contact us today, and we will make JavaScript work for you.



Fristine Infotech helps you achieve the desired presence with the strongest ever, PHP. It is considered to be an integral tool for delivering the best solutions, especially e-commerce. PHP is secure, cost-effective, flexible, dynamic, and easy to use. As a backend user, you can edit the details with ease and zero hassle!


Adapted to Various Devices

PHP Hypertext Processor(PHP) or known Personal Home Pages creates dynamic web pages or web
applications. It is an integral part of your site and is embedded in HTML pages. The PHP program is more of a server-side script while the JavaScript is for the client's side. The cutting-edge advantage of PHP is that you only need to install it on the server and client computers requesting for resources from the server do not need to have PHP installed; just a web browser would be enough. To know more about PHP and how it can be useful for you, contact us today.



The ios operating system has the most fluid operating system, and the apps can be developed with relative ease. It is beneficial for businesses and gaming needs. The iOS has a vast number of applications for every category and is very well known for its excellent security. The multitasking feature of iOS allows the user to create responsive design for any screen. The operating system of iOS is as light as a feather and has multi-language support. Use these benefits of iOS to gain the most out of this excellent operating system.


iOS App

It seems like everyone has an iPhone these days, and your business could be missing out if you haven’t considered iOS mobile app development. With the increase in sales of the iPhone, more and more people are doing their internet shopping online using an Apple device. So, if you haven’t considered iOS app development, you could be missing out on sales.



The Android operating system was first released on 5 November 2007. However, even today it seems to be a new software due to a regularly updated and revision in the operating system. It has billions of users across the world, and it is also the fastest growing operating system in the world. The Google Play store is the world’s largest mobile store where we can market your product or service with ease. Contact us today to launch your own app in android.


Android App

Research has shown that a large proportion of people now use their mobile devices for internet surfing, online shopping and checking in with their social media. This means that for businesses to truly harness this potential, they need to have an Android Mobile Application Development of these software programs is not for the faint hearted, as you need to know the Java coding language and understand the development frameworks. However, don’t despair, as Fristine Infotech is here to help.