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Zoho CRM

Zoho Expertise

Fristine Infotech has been providing Zoho Customisation & Implementation for over 2 years now.

Our Zoho Implementation service helps you get started on this powerful application. Creating Users, Permission sets, Roles, Locale Setting, Lead & Opportunity Page Layouts as well as any other custom feature you would require in your CRM.

ZOHO applications are very powerful and can be used in multiple ways, we understand your Business Use case and set up these tools to serve your business.

ZOHO Process Automation

In today’s day & age, automation is at the heart of all the efficient process driven business. Getting rid of repetitive tasks helps you focus on more important tasks. And this gives your employees more time to focus on creating happy moments for your customer.

At Fristine Infotech we fully understand ZOHO’s Process Automation Capability and work on the same to help our clients manage their workflows in simple and efficient ways.

Examples of Process Automation:

  1. Triggering a task when a form is submitted.
  2. Sending Customer Satisfaction Survey after 30 days of Product Delivery.
  3. Sending email reminders to customers whose Products are due for service.

Possibilities are truly endless, get in touch with our in-house Automation Specialist to discuss your Business Use Case.

ZOHO Integration with other applications

Integration between application is crucial if you would like your ZOHO CRM to be a real source of all the customer information.

Whether it is integrating ZOHO CRM with your accounting system or inventory software, we have done it all.

Fristine Infotech Provides seamless integrations between ZOHO and other applications which your company may be using.

Our approach is different

At Fristine Infotech, our approach is different. We have in-house team of Business Analysts that understand our client’s business process & use case first.

Understanding the requirement and then leading to the solution is right way to approach such projects.

Jumping on to a solution without understanding the problem, can often lead companies in a fix, where they are stuck with a solution and exhausted all the budgets but cannot use the solution to its fullest capability.

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Our dedicated team for Zoho Projects is here to help you at each step. Right from identifying the right Zoho Product for you, right through the implementation phase.

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